The Next Album

4 min readMay 10, 2021


We are working with Nifty Gateway on a rescheduling the date to Thursday 5/27 for the drop, as well as some logistical fixes! Thanks for understanding :)

You will NO LONGER NEED MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO ENTER multiple times. If you own multiple qualifying pieces in one account, you will be able to make the pro-rata number of entires in each drawing. If you made it in the first time, you will still have to re-enter again on the new date. It will be as though the previous drop date never happened at all.


This NFT collection includes 4 pieces; each uniquely features a full-length, instrumental-only edition of a song that will be included on my second album. The album is titled Glass and will be released in 2022. Each of these songs will eventually include a vocal when they are released to the public, yet instrumental editions often speak for themselves as they can be powerful artist proofs of future concepts. As a musician, I have always been reluctant to share songs with listeners before they are complete. Nonetheless, everyone maintains curiosity with regard to an artist’s creative process. So I thought: why not share that process with a collector community that has previously supported all of my works? I am thankful that you all have supported my released and unreleased music across both the 3LAU & SSX3LAU projects. So, for the first time ever, I’m excited to showcase my musical ideas before they take shape in final form.


Don’t Wait — A song I wrote 7 years ago that has changed & evolved with the capacity of music production technology itself. It is a personal favorite, and the longest standing unreleased musical idea I’ve had during the course of my career. As a fan of post-rock exhilarating chord progressions from bands like Sigur Rós and Radiohead, I have always wanted to bridge the punch of dance music with real instrumentation and euphoric melodies. This song is my proud attempt at creating that bridge, and it is finally going to be released on my next album, with vocals from yours truly (in its final form). Visuals designed by Peiter Hergert!




I make electronic music & experiment with fintech.