Releasing on Royal: “Too Late For Love”

This Thursday, I am sharing ownership in my latest single, “Too Late For Love,” on Royal. I’m really excited about this, as “Too Late For Love” is not only my first single in more than a year (the song came out on Nov 25, 2022), but also the first song I’m selling on Royal.

Drop details

I’m releasing 50% of the master streaming royalty rights across 333 tokens.

  • 330 Gold tokens, each representing 0.1165% ownership: $111 per token

The idea to build Royal came about after I experimented with a bunch of different types of NFTs. People who supported me across any of those previous projects and hold a 3LAU token as of Dec 14 at 1pm ET will get priority access to “Too Late For Love” on Thursday.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll take a snapshot on Wednesday, Dec 14 at 1pm ET.

If you miss out on a token in the primary sale, you can buy it on Royal’s new marketplace, which launched last month. Check out the “Too Late for Love” drop page on Royal for more details.

Why I’m stoked for the future

As an independent artist for most of my career, I’ve always leaned into technology as a way to connect directly with fans and expand my community. With crypto and web3, my goal has been to leverage the technology in ways that are mutually beneficial to artists and collectors. I’ve long believed that bringing music rights on-chain is the best way to align incentives between those groups — artists maintain independence and creative control while also getting the chance to capture more of the value that their music creates, and collectors can participate in music as an asset class as they bet on their taste.

With Royal, we’re making those beliefs a reality. It’s been an exciting year for us, building core components of the platform and thoughtfully onboarding artists. We’ve got a lot of exciting things in store for next year.

I’m excited to maximize the potential of token ownership with the tools we’ve built at Royal. Looking forward to much much more in the new year!



I make electronic music & experiment with fintech.

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