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OPERATION MELT FACES will begin on April 11th at 12:00am US pacific time & end on April 13th at 12:00am US pacific time.

SSX3LAU FAM! Thank you for your patience. You will need to transfer your editions of FACES to the accounts / addresses as specified below to participate in the event within the 48 hour window! (as specified above)


There are two options you have to MELT editions of FACES.

MELT 6 & MELT 1.

  • MELT 6 OVERVIEW: If you melt 6 FACES you will receive a limited edition SSX3LAU piece featuring the full title track / 1st song on 3LAU’s next album “Glass” with visuals by slimesunday (the original visuals that inspired the entire IRIDESCENT collection). The only way to obtain this piece is by melting / burning 6 FACES & there will be no primary sale of this piece. Of course, this piece will be eligible for secondary sales post-distribution on Nifty Gateway. Please enjoy a preview of the piece uploaded here:
  • MELT 6 INSTRUCTIONS: On Nifty Gateway — You will need to transfer (melt) 6 editions of FACES from the same nifty username account to @melt6faces: https://niftygateway.com/profile/melt6faces — if you send FACES before or after the allotted time window, they will not count. You can do this by “viewing additional details” on FACES and then selecting “Send To Somebody.” We will collect your username on Nifty Gateway and transfer you the limited edition SSX3LAU piece from the SSX3LAU profile within one week following the melt period. Please give us some time here, but we can guarantee if you follow these instructions you will receive the limited edition piece. If you decide to, you can melt 12 FACES to receive 2 limited editions of the new piece; 18 FACES would entitle you to 3 new limited editions etc. The Edition # you receive of the new limited piece will be completely random and not at all related to the order in which collectors melt 6 faces. WARNING: If you are depositing FACES editions back into Nifty Gateway from a self-hosted wallet, DO NOT BATCH TRANSFER, only one will arrive in your Nifty Account.
  • MELT 1 OVERVIEW: You can also MELT 1 EDITION of FACES to be entered into a drawing for a FREE SSX3LAU 1/1. You can melt as many FACES as you’d like to for multiple entries. This particular piece will also contain a full 3LAU song + visuals by slimesunday, but it will stand on its own, with differing creative direction as compared to the IRIDESCENT collection. SO it’s a surprise, and you will not know what you’ll be getting prior to melting, but since it is a 1/1, you can bet it’ll be special! UPDATE: We have decided to send everyone who chooses to melt 1 edition of FACES an SSX3LAU Loyalty NFT. For every edition of FACES you decide to melt you’ll get 1 loyalty NFT that will be transferred to you ETH address on Opensea that you melted from. We didn’t wanna leave you in the dust in case you didn’t win! This was one of our first NFT experiments in 2020, slimesunday made this animation while messing with logo concepts:
  • MELT 1 INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT WITHDRAW DIRECTLY FROM NIFTY GATEWAY TO OUR MELT ADDRESS. First, you will need to withdraw 1 edition of FACES from your Nifty Gateway account to a self-hosted Ethereum wallet address that YOU control the private key to. You can do this from your profile on Nifty Gateway by viewing your nifties, selecting FACES, selecting “View additional details” at the bottom of the description, and then selecting “Withdraw Nifty.” When entering your address, please make sure not to input an exchange-based ETH wallet address like a Coinbase or Binance wallet (you will lose your NFT, and not be entered into the drawing). Once the FACES NFT is owned by your self-hosted wallet, you can proceed to MELT it to the ETH address here: https://opensea.io/accounts/MELT_A_FACES — the easiest & fastest way to do this is by creating an Opensea account with your wallet and using the transfer function on Opensea’s UI. We will notify the winning ETH address of victory by sending an NFT back containing a message with further instructions to claim the SSX3LAU 1/1 prize; we’ll post the tx id on social media as well to declare the winner. If you have further questions, please reach out to us on twitter for guidance! For clarity, this is the ETH address you should be MELTING 1 FACE to as linked via Opensea above: 0xd1c2388c9b40a1c1d4340924b8cc8dc9876499b4


An NFT melt (or burn) for redemption mechanic gives collectors the ability to claim a new artwork by sending editions of an existing artwork into blockchain void-space (to a null ETH address / no one has private key). It inherently diminishes the # of original NFTs for resale & deletes them from the supply pool! It’s a unique way to create value for an existing collector community; the artist creates & mints new works, but never sells them in a primary market. Artists can choose to do this to reward collectors who have been holding older works and who are willing to contribute to reducing the total supply of editions in existence. The choice to melt / burn is completely yours!


A collection of future SSX3LAU pieces will only be available to FLOW, FLUX, and GUNKY’S UPRISING holders, but will not require a burn for redemption (Previous SSX3LAU holders of The Block, Prism, Deeper etc. will also have unique access to future drops). We have big plans for holders of our artworks that we cannot wait to share with you soon! Your access to owning new artworks will depend on what you have in your collection!




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