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As an independent artist for nearly a decade, I’ve seen all sides of the music industry, fighting uphill battles against the inefficiencies of a legacy system. I’ve been working on ways to create change for the next generation of artists, and discovered that distributed ledger technology could be the most promising solution to a lot of the problems musicians experience on a daily basis. One of my goals as a musician is to not only make unique art, but to build an everlasting symbiotic relationship between artists and listeners.

My career started back in college, when I would DJ house…


We are working with Nifty Gateway on a rescheduling the date to Thursday 5/27 for the drop, as well as some logistical fixes! Thanks for understanding :)

You will NO LONGER NEED MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO ENTER multiple times. If you own multiple qualifying pieces in one account, you will be able to make the pro-rata number of entires in each drawing. If you made it in the first time, you will still have to re-enter again on the new date. It will be as though the previous drop date never happened at all.


This NFT collection…

OPERATION MELT FACES will begin on April 11th at 12:00am US pacific time & end on April 13th at 12:00am US pacific time.

SSX3LAU FAM! Thank you for your patience. You will need to transfer your editions of FACES to the accounts / addresses as specified below to participate in the event within the 48 hour window! (as specified above)


There are two options you have to MELT editions of FACES.

MELT 6 & MELT 1.

  • MELT 6 OVERVIEW: If you melt 6 FACES you will receive a limited edition SSX3LAU piece featuring the full title…

My name is Justin Blau, also known as 3LAU. I’ve been in the music business for eight years and have personally experienced many downsides of the current centralized model. Right now, a few big players control access for artists to get record contracts and airplay. Decentralization, on the other hand, takes the control from the few and distributes it to the masses on a shared platform using tokenization.

I believe decentralization solves many of the problems I’ve encountered: stifled distribution, opaque and heavily delayed royalty payments, arbitrary curation, and more.

But my biggest issue with the current system isn’t as…


I make electronic music & experiment with fintech.

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